A simple phone interviewing tool to hire diverse teams at scale

Resumes suck. We use conversational AI to help smart and progressive companies interview more people, understand candidates better and remove bias from hiring decisions.
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How does it work?

Hiring Manager provide core questions and our AI generates follow-up questions based on each candidate’s responses

Candidates apply for a position, take a phone interview with our AI, and get assessed within one day

Rich analytics dashboard with both top down view and detailed performance of individual candidates

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Recruitment pain points


of candidates are rejected purely based on their resumes
With Curious Thing AI,
you don't miss out those candidates who are hidden gems


of HR experts believe resume screening is the top source of bias in hiring
With Curious Thing AI,
you measure individuals performance consistently, meaning less bias


of hiring time is spent on  screening, but critical decisions are all made post short-listing
With Curious Thing AI,
you can finally regain the focus on critical decisions


Candidates are 510% more likely to accept the 1st offer they receive
With Curious Thing AI,
you have first-mover advantage in all talent competitions

Our technology

Our questioning and scoring system is powered by state-of-art technology of Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph and Deep Transfer Learning.
The interview experience is delivered through a simple phone call, so no matter  where candidates are, there's equal accessibility to the interview.
Our analytics is based only on what interviewees say; not their body language, appearance or tone of voice, removing the potential for bias in the screening process.

Diversity and inclusion

When we have to screen out 93% candidates purely based on resumes, biases are introduced. At Curious Thing, we believe AI has a critical role to play in improving workplace diversity and inclusion.

Curious Thing AI analyses the contents of the interview in text, not the way it’s said. There is no guesswork based on the sound of a voice or pattern of speaking.

Curious Thing AI measures candidate performance on different independent dimensions based on facts. We help hiring managers understand if a candidate shows, for example, resilience, a growth mindset or a focus on customer service.

Curious Thing AI’s mission is to help people make informed decisions in the most efficient way. With more data, humans+AI can achieve better diversity outcomes for a business.

“Our biases against the others are more empowered by our assumptions”

Jamie Arpin-Ricci