AI phone interviews that go beyond the resume

Automated interviews that use voice-based AI and an advanced people analytics platform to interview all candidates at scale.

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Start hiring smarter in just 10 minutes

Open a job role
Create a new role for the position you’re hiring for
Design your interview
Select attributes and questions with our interview builder
Invite candidates
Invite applicants to a phone interview with our AI
View the results
Get real-time analytics and shortlisting suggestions

Everything you need from an AI interviewer

A platform has you covered from startups to enterprises

Don’t let hidden gems get lost in the race to process applicants

Curious Thing allows you to interview thousands of candidates over a weekend with real time assessment. While achieving 4.2x shortlisting efficiency, 100% candidates were given the chance to shine.
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Make data-driven recruitment decisions

True spirit of diversity and inclusion comes from facts-based assessment and data-driven decision making. Our assessment system is built on top of state-of-the-art deep learning, natural language processing and knowledge graph technologies. It enables you to interview all candidates and analyse what the candidate says not the way he/she says it.
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Deliver a smooth candidate experience

No more awkward video interviews. At Curious Thing, we care a lot about candidate experience. Companies can customise each interview to deliver up to a fully branded experience. 86% candidates strongly agree or agree that Curious Thing delivers great candidate experience compared to video interview or chat interview.
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