Conversational AI to help fast-growing companies nail hiring

Much more than automated phone screening interviews, only Curious Thing enables you to build a winning, data-driven hiring culture at scale.

Start hiring smarter in just 4 quick steps

Open a job role
Create a new role for the position you’re hiring for
Design your interview
Select attributes and questions with our interview builder
Invite candidates
Invite applicants to a phone interview with our AI
View the results
Get real-time analytics and shortlisting suggestions

Don’t let hidden gems get lost in the race to process applicants

Automatically screen a high volume of applicants. Candidates who apply for a role take a phone interview with our AI and get assessed in real time. Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, while saving time and money.
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Make more data-driven decisions

Our scoring system is powered by state-of-the-art NLP, Knowledge Graph and Deep Transfer Learning technology. Companies get access to a real-time analytics dashboard with candidate data displayed at a cohort and individual level.
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Deliver a smooth candidate experience

No more awkward video interviews. Curious Thing focuses on the candidate experience of phone interviewing. Companies can customise each interview to deliver up to a fully branded experience.
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Everything you need from a screening tool

A platform that flexes from an innovative startup to a scalable enterprise

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