Meet the team

Curious Thing is a Sydney-based conversational AI company building digital interviewer solutions. Powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning and NLP technologies, our vision is to deliver next-generation hiring solutions with true intelligence and scalability.  

Founded in July 2018, we are a team of serial entrepreneurs, computer scientists, computational linguists, engineers and a psychologist. We aim to relieve the stress of one of the largest pain points companies face; recruitment. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on each resume, and most candidates are rejected purely based on their resumes. It’s not only biased and inefficient - it can cause a company to miss out on talented people who have simply slipped through the resume screening process. We are helping solve this by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence at the candidate screening stage.

Curious Thing works through a simple phone call to our AI interviewer that every candidate can complete, at scale, at the same time, taking away distractions and shifting the focus to what the person is saying. The strong emphasis on substance removes unconscious bias that might arise due to accents, tone of voice or appearance, allowing companies to access a more diverse talent pool. With a phone call, all applicants have equal accessibility no matter who or where they are.  

We give all applicants the chance to shine while giving companies more data to make their hiring decisions.
It’s not magic, it’s science. The speed and accuracy of our technology gives companies a first mover advantage by reducing the wait time between the first point of contact and extending an offer. Our strong technical team at Curious Thing is the driving force that constantly pushes the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver a new interview and hiring experience.  

Sam Zheng

Sam Zheng

Co-Founder and CEO

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David Mckeague

Co-founder, Chairperson & Chief Strategist

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Dr Han xu

Co-founder & CTO

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Sam Zheng

Chainat WONGtapan

Lead software engineer

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Dr Yasaman Motazedi

Lead Data Scientist

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DR Amanda Parker

Senior Designer

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Sam Zheng

Randolph park

Full stack Engineer

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carmen leung

operations officer

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