3 Companies Who Transformed Their Recruitment Process With Curious Thing

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CT TeamJuly 03, 2020

Everyone loves a good before and after transformation, right? In this blog, we look at how three of our customers transformed their recruitment processes using Curious Thing. This will give you insight into how AI recruitment technology has been used to create a difference in real-life companies. So without further ado let’s get to it! 



2degrees is a full-service telecommunications company based in New Zealand. The team operates by the mission statement “fight for fair” and this idea is incorporated into their recruitment process. The 2degrees recruitment team are always looking for ways to improve their candidate experience and make processes better for everyone involved. 


Prior to using Curious Thing the recruitment team at 2degrees would screen applicant CVs, and then contact shortlisted candidates for a manual phone screen. This was a time-consuming process. In fact, senior recruitment advisor Nicole Waugh calculated that she spent 8 weeks per year screening candidates! 


The team at 2degrees implemented Curious Thing and changed their recruitment process. Instead of screening CVs and manually calling applicants, all eligible candidates are now invited to participate in a phone screen with Curious Thing. The results of the phone screen are used to create shortlists that empower more insightful decision making. Successful candidates are then invited to in-person interviews. 

This change has been beneficial for a number of reasons. Because CV screening is no longer the sole basis for shortlisting decisions, more candidates are getting a chance to prove themselves. This has led to higher-quality candidates making it to final round interviews and a 10% increase in candidate conversion. It has also saved recruitment advisor Nicole 23 hours per week! Nicole now has more time for agendas like creating a better candidate experience and improving the 2degrees employer value proposition. 

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Viventis is a popular talent solution provider based in South East Asia. The company handles everything from executive search to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). The team are always looking for ways to secure the best talent and provide the best candidate experience. 


Prior to implementing Curious Thing, the team at Viventis would assess resumes one-by-one and then screen candidates with manual phone calls. The team had a conversion rate of 5% and spent four hours each day screening resumes. 


Curious Thing was inserted into the beginning of Viventis recruitment process. All eligible candidates (those with working rights and available hours) now immediately progress to a phone interview with Curious Thing. As with 2degrees, removing resume screening led to amazing results. In just six weeks the team increased their hiring success rate from 5% to over 100%.  Conversion rates increased from 5% to 35% and the team saved two hours per day because they did not need to process resumes anymore. 

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Stellar is a leading customer experience organisation, operating across Australia, Asia, North America and Africa. The company seeks to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation and is always looking for ways to improve their processes. 


Rik Johnson, Head of Intelligent Automation and Strategy, wanted a better way to connect with candidates. Applicants who already had jobs were having trouble scheduling phone calls during working hours meaning Stellar was only reaching 60% of their applicant pool. Not content to leave 40% on the table Rik looked for a way to connect with candidates at a time that suited them. 


Curious Thing allows interviews with candidates to be set up at a time that suits them. After implementing Curious Thing the team at Stellar were able to accommodate the schedules of their entire candidate pool and save 26 hours per week! As an added bonus, screening costs were reduced by 65% and candidates reached out to the team to discuss their positive experience with Curious Thing’s AI interviewer. 

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What all three companies have in common is that each used Curious Thing at the beginning of their recruitment process. Instead of screening candidate CVs and then creating a shortlist for a manual phone interview,  all eligible candidates were interviewed by Curious Thing’s AI. This provided each team with valuable data for more insightful shortlisting and decision making, as well as saving recruiters a lot of time. Overall, a better candidate experience was offered to applicants because they could schedule interviews in their own time without compromising the quality or structure of the interview. After all, out of hours interviews are not always great for a recruiter’s morale!