Webinar Recap: Expert Tips On Automating Your Recruitment Process

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James SiuOctober 16, 2020


We recently hosted a webinar with expert tips on how to automate your recruitment process. The webinar was hosted by Zubin Fitter, Sales and Partnerships Director at Curious Thing. 

Zubin was joined by special guests Rik Johnson, Head of Intelligent Automation at Stellar, and Matthew Thomas, General Manager People and Culture at Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWAA).

Matt, Rik and Zubin all had great insights when it came to recruitment automation. So great, in fact, we decided to summarise the key points covered in this blog. 

To watch the full recording of the webinar click here.

What is recruitment automation? 

Recruitment automation refers to replacing parts of the recruitment process with technology. This technology takes over completing repetitive tasks like phone interviews and follow-up emails providing recruiters with more data at their disposal and more time for in-depth work.

Tips for companies assessing new automation tools

The first step is to understand what problem you want to solve. Do you need to hire urgently or quickly replace in-person interviews? 

There is a large variety of automation tools on the market making it hard to decide which one best suits your needs. When assessing new tools, keep an open mind and understand that the workplace has changed and new trends like remote work will likely impact the tools you need in your recruitment process.

How Stellar uses Curious Thing to automate phone interviews  

Previously, Stellar only managed to reach 60% of candidates for phone interviews due to timetabling issues. After implementing Curious Thing, Stellar’s interview completion rate jumped to 100%. 

Success came from Curious Thing’s AI recruiter being able to interview applicants out of hours. Whether it was right after a 2 am night shift or late afternoon, candidates were able to select an interview time that suited them. This is an example of how automating parts of the recruitment process can free up time and provide a better candidate experience.

How RWWA automates their recruitment process with Curious Thing 

RWWA implemented Curious Thing out of a desire to test candidate behaviour traits early in the recruitment process. The team also wanted to improve their employer branding by using candidate-friendly technology that pushed the envelope. 

Since implementing Curious Thing, RWAA has achieved an 81% interview completion rate, improved candidate experience and removed unconscious bias from their screen process. 

When discussing the removal of unconscious bias from RWWA’s recruitment process Matthew Thomas said he made decisions using more data and less personal belief.

Tips for smoothly implementing recruitment technology

Communicate what you want to achieve and get your leadership team on board. Remember to start small and build engagement with new technology/processes along the way. To help reduce resistance to change, it is important to inform stakeholders of the pros and cons of new processes. Ensure you are constantly reporting back on the value gained from new technology to provide visibility to the business and build trust in your processes. 

Some other tips include:

  • Collaborate with end-users (typically management) to identify gaps and how you can align new products/processes to fix them.
  • Determine key KPIs to measure your success.
  • Candidates in the labour market will shift and therefore testing and adapting your process is important.
  • Provide training where needed. 

When discussing how to ensure smooth implementation Rik Johnson said, “It’s not set and forget.” 

To watch the full recording of the webinar click here.