It’s Now Even Easier To Screen Candidates With Curious Thing

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CT TeamSeptember 01, 2020


We are excited to introduce to you our new features. Curious Thing’s AI interviewer is now able to ask close-ended questions and filter results based on search criteria. This will help you screen candidates for specific criteria and see the results quickly and easily. Let’s take a closer look into how these features work. 

Close-ended questions

Close-ended questions provide a useful way to capture important, role-critical information during an interview. Close-ended questions have predetermined answers such as yes or no. For example, you can ask a candidate about their residency status and willingness to work on weekends. 

Other close-ended question examples include:

  • Where do you prefer to work? (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)
  • Are you an Australian Citizen? (Yes, No)
  • Do you have an unrestricted driver’s license? (Yes, No)

The ability to capture answers to close-ended questions makes Curious Thing an even more powerful questioning engine. Recruiters can now collect information about soft skills and work requirements like licenses and qualifications in the same interview. This means Curious Thing can be used early in the screening process without the need for other tools to source important administrative information. Thus, saving you valuable time and allowing you to streamline your recruitment process.

Our close-ended question feature can be tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more. 

Result filtering

As well as asking close-ended questions, you can now filter candidates based on certain results. For example, you may want to quickly identify candidates who can work weekend shifts or those who scored highly for adaptivity. This feature will be of great value to all our customers, especially those who are contingent hiring or need to hire candidates quickly. 

To filter your results, select the ‘Filter’ button, on the top right on your ‘Results’ Page.

Then proceed to select your desired filters to further narrow down candidates.

More to come 

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are always planning new upgrades and features. If you have any questions or feedback about our AI, please contact us at [email protected]