Our 2020 Milestones

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CT TeamDecember 17, 2020

Ah, 2020 ! A year of twists, turns and Zoom meetings. Twelve months for any startup is a time of rapid change. With COVID-19 in the mix, we experienced more than usual in areas we did not expect. 

In this blog, we celebrate the year– the good and the challenging– by outlining our milestones. Here’s what happened. 

We grew our team 

We added six new hires to our team this year. Our hires came from every department, from product to sales and marketing

Growing our team has seen our culture thrive and allowed us to add more value to our product and customers. Hiring with a completely remote process was new to us but it soon became second nature because of another big change. 

We became remote-first 

Our main base of operations is in Sydney, Australia. When Sydney went into lockdown in March, like most office-based businesses, we shifted to remote work. We soon realised the COVID-19 situation was unpredictable and that our team thrived in a virtual environment. And so, we made the decision to become a remote-first team. 

We will likely establish another operations base in Sydney but will keep our nature remote-first which works since our team is now spread across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and San Francisco. 

We worked with amazing customers 

This year saw us introduce more customers into the fold. We began working with the likes of WorkPac, 2Degrees, Racing and Wagering Western Australia and Viventis, to name a few. 

We were excited to hear our customers experienced results like saving the equivalent of 8 weeks per year and increasing interview attendance from 20% to 100%! 

We won a contract with the US Air Force 

Curious Thing participated in the United States Air Force AFWERX Recruiting Reimagined Challenge, a program for early stage startups (and Fortune 500 corporates) to showcase solutions for the US Air Force.

Curious Thing was among five companies selected by the Air Force from over 50 entries.

 Our AI Voice Interviewer will be used to screen applicants for the role of Line Officer, one of the most sought after positions in the service. Curious Thing will save squadron commanders hundreds of hours in the recruiting process and provide solid data on the potential of new recruits.

We connected with like-minded people at virtual events 

Virtual events became the norm in 2020 and while nothing beats meeting people in person, we loved connecting with people online. The plus side was that our Australian team could attend events from around the world. For example, our team virtually attended the HR Technology Conference which is usually held in Las Vegas. We also attended the Australian Graduate Recruitment Conference and the Australasian Talent Conference. 

Plus we ran our very first webinars in 2020 and got a great response from those keen to learn about recruitment automation and hiring for soft skills

We optimised our product 

Throughout the year we continued to upgrade our product, making it easier for both hiring managers and candidates to engage with our AI Voice Interviewer. This included making it easier to screen and filter candidates by allowing our AI to ask close-ended questions.

We branched out into different use cases 

Our AI voice interviewer is versatile. It can answer inbound calls but also make outbound calls. In both cases it collects data. This versatility led to us offering a call centre automation solution where our AI can be a first point of contact in call centres. We also worked with clients to generate an outbound call solution where our AI would conduct mass phone calls on behalf of busy humans. 

We kept our culture alive 

The biggest thing we are proud of this year is keeping our unique company culture alive no matter what was happening in the world. From virtual Taekwondo classes and plank challenges to online home tours and weekly Zoom background themes, we found ways each week to stay connected and keep doing our best work. 

We know a lot of teams are in the same boat and so we’d like to congratulate everyone reading on doing their best in a tricky year and keeping the wheel turning regardless. 

Here’s to 2021!