Curious Thing lightweight contact centre solution

Curious Thing AI works as the first point-of-contact at the contact centre. Through simple phone conversation with the customer, the AI will understand their need in real time, handle simple inquiries and point complex inquiries to human agents. It reduced the average handling cost for contact centres by 50% to 80%. 

How does it work?

The strength of Curious Thing's solution

To kick start, our focus is maximum time to value. We don’t require 6 months deployment. Within two weeks our AI will be speaking to your customers about their most common needs.
For on-going maintenance, lightweight also means Curious Thing will do the heavy lifting of continuous improvement without you having to put resources to keep updating the new variations of “intents”.
We focus on the continuous discovery of most common cases at the top of the funnel. AI helps human agents with their scalability limitations while letting them focus on handling complex transactions at their own pace.
It also works for outbound call capability, please check out our case study as our response to COVID19.


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