Empower human curiosity with computational curiosity

A conversational AI questioning engine, powered by natural language processing, knowledge graph and deep transfer learning  

We are designing new ways for AI to ask questions, engage in conversational learning and collect ontology-attached data.

Drive multi-turn conversations through asking purposeful questions
Draw semantic connections between questions and answers
Deliver data that is readily analysable

Technology that is endlessly scalable

Ask questions to everyone that matters. We have developed our technology to scale automatically with increases in user engagement, so that more people can be reached.

Uncover rich, structured insights

Questions set the context. This means that data can be easily collected in a way that is ready for analytics and action-taking.

For Developers

The conversational AI with ultimate questioning intelligence

Integrate real Q&A intelligence in your application

Take your scoring and benchmarking capability to the next level. Curious Thing API connects to your HR tech application to deliver rich analytics insights
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