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Curious Thing improves the candidate experience because it’s designed to

Interview candidates 24/7.

Conduct blind interviews.

Keep candidates in the loop.

Engage with candidates out of hours

Time is not a problem for Curious Thing’s AI phone interviewer. It’s available 24/7 giving candidates the opportunity to interview at their own convenience. The result? Happier, calmer and better-prepared candidates.

Reduce bias with blind screening

Candidates appreciate a fair chance and that’s what Curious Thing provides. Our AI phone interviewer is blind to factors like accent, pitch and tone of voice. Every person gets asked identical questions and enjoys the same interview experience.

Keep candidates in the loop

Improving the candidate experience starts with clear communication. Use our fully customisable email template to invite candidates to an interview with Curious Thing. Once an interview is complete candidates receive an automatic confirmation so they know their information has been received.


Using Curious Thing we increased interview attendance by 80% and improved candidate conversion by 30%.

Ezekiel FernandoRecruitment Technology and Strategy Leader at ViventisRead more

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