Gain customer insights

Survey your customers and ask how they feel about your organisation or collect feedback on your products and services and discover areas of opportunity you never knew existed.

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Collect insights with Voice AI

Ask customers about new products and their experience with your organisation. Our platform is designed to ask open-context questions so you can gather insights for better decision-making.

Why Curious Thing?

Ask questions and make better decisions

Survey your customers

Our AI can call as many people as you need. Get the answers you need for better decision-making and while you're at it, collect positive testimonials for your website.

Learn new insights

Our AI asks fluid questions. If your customers discuss a new topic, our AI will ask open-ended follow up questions. Get the answers you seek and discover brand new insights.

Make more strategic decisions

Use data gathered from your customers to make better decisions. You'll save valuable time and effort by asking for customer feedback before making important choices.

Easy data analysis

Our platform analyses data for you with insights presented on an easy-to-understand dashboard. You can also connect Curious Thing data with your own systems for analysis.

Industries using Curious Thing

Financial Services

Ask about new product options, customer experience and future plans.


Conduct market research on upcoming product ideas.


Learn how patients are feeling and ask about their experience.


7 creative ideas to manage churn

Protect and grow your revenue the smart way. Learn how to reduce customer churn with proactive and consistent engagement.

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Our product

Grow your organisation with us

Drive customer action

Our AI intelligently initiates phone calls, detects and leaves voicemail, anwsers returned calls, sends dynamic SMS, email, IMs and more.

Fast impact

Deploy in 5-15 business days and spend only 2-5 hours during the initial setup stage.

Quick growth

Our technology is designed to grow with you. Our AI can make as many calls as you need.

Deeper insights

Our AI is designed to ask open-ended questions, gather information and deliver insights.

See our powerful customer engagement technology in action

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