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Use our recruitment technology to interview thousands of candidates who are always on the move.

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Hire a mobile workforce with recruitment technology designed to

Meet high hiring targets.

Interview candidates remotely.

Provide insight into behaviour traits.

Gain a competitive advantage

Don’t miss out on a business opportunity because of recruiting setbacks. Curious Thing’s AI phone interviewer can interview thousands of candidates at once making it easier for you to meet tight deadlines.

Reach candidates at any time

Logistics and transportation workers are constantly on the move and don’t always have computer access. Curious Thing’s recruitment solution is mobile-friendly, all candidates need for an interview is a phone and 15 minutes to spare at any time of day.

Unearth qualified candidates

Logistics and transportation workers need a host of skills to succeed in their roles and many of these are hard to find on a traditional resume. Curious Thing offers valuable behavioural insights that can help you make smarter shortlisting decisions.


With Curious Thing the primary issue we faced around accessing candidates disappeared. Now 100% of applicants are given the opportunity to complete a screening call at a time that suits them.

Rik JohnsonHead of Intelligent Automation and Strategy at StellarRead more

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