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Replace phone screens with an AI phone interviewer designed to

Interview people 24/7.

Provide candidate data.

Create a qualified talent pool.

Interview candidates at any time of day

One thing recruiters need more of is time. Curious Thing’s recruiting technology is designed to interview candidates 24/7. This saves recruiters up to 26 hours per week and allows engagement with candidates out of hours.

Screen for both behaviour traits and work qualifications

Maximise efficiency by screening for behaviour traits and work qualifications in one interview. After a candidate completes a phone interview with Curious Thing, recruiters receive real-time data about their soft skills and work suitability to enable faster shortlisting.

Create a qualified talent pool quickly

It’s easy to build a qualified talent pool with Curious Thing. By automating the phone screening process and providing comprehensive data about candidate behaviour, recruitment agencies can create qualified talent pools in just a few clicks.


With Curious Thing, we increased our hiring success rate from 5% to a huge 130% in just six weeks.

Ezekiel FernandoRecruitment Technology and Strategy Leader at ViventisRead more

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