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Increase speed-to-market

Quality of hire, recruiting speed and affordability are essential when competing for RPO clients. By automating phone interviews with Curious Thing, you can drastically reduce time to hire and cut costs by up to 65%.

Widen your talent pools

Exceed candidate quotas and reach more applicants with our scalable RPO recruiting technology. Our AI interviewer is available 24/7 and accessible via phone so candidates can participate when it suits them.

Offer customised experiences

Offering unique employer branding and superior candidate experience will help you stand out when securing new business. Our recruiting technology provides flexibility, scalability and customisation so you can represent every client's brand effectively.


With Curious Thing, we increased our hiring success rate from 5% to a huge 130% in just six weeks.

Ezekiel FernandoRecruitment Technology and Strategy Leader at ViventisRead more

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