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Reduce bias from the hiring process with our recruitment technology.

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Reduce bias with recruitment technology designed to

Ask candidates the same core questions.

Ignore discriminatory factors.

Analyse only what a candidate says.

Use a standardised interview method

Our AI phone interviewer ensures fairness by asking each candidate the same set of core questions and processing data the exact same way. With Curious Thing, everyone gets a fair chance.

Conduct blind interviews

Make decisions without being influenced by unconscious bias. Our AI does not analyse details like a candidate’s race, gender or even work background. It is also blind to factors like accent, pitch and tone of voice.

Focus on what matters

Our AI only analyses the words spoken by candidates to generate behaviour and English language proficiency scores. We use this method because it ensures candidates get assessed only on what they say and not how they say it.


Curious Thing has changed our whole style of interviewing. Data collected from our digital recruiter allows us to have deeper, better-informed discussions with our candidates.

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